The oldest work you find at the end of the site. The recent work you find at the top.

The last shown work on the site was made in 1982. At that time I was still at the art-school in Zürich. The work of the years 1989 till 1992 was done in New York. From 1993 on I' m working in Bern, Switzerland.
Since 2007 I mostly work on playwood: acryl, gold-leave on gesso on wood. Some works are on paper and cardboard.

Please find the specific information next to the listed work.



* 1957

Born Dagmersellen, LU, Switzerland

1973 - 77 Apprenticeship cabinet-maker

1978 Vorkurs, Schule für Gestaltung Luzern

1979 - 83 Interior Design, Schule für Gestaltung Zürich

1984 - 95 Working as an artist

1985 -86 Assistant with Prof. Peter Jenny, visual design for architects, ETH Zürich

1989 - 92 living in New York, working with sculpture and drawing

1993 - 96 Training Shiatsutherapist

1996 - 2017 Praxis for Shiatsu, Bern

from 2004 Doing artwork again

1998 - 2011 Shiatsuteacher at the ISS Kiental, Zagreb and Lisbon

2018 End of therapeutical work, main focus on arts; painting  



1986 Kunstmuseum Luzern, "CH 86" 

1986 Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, "Gefühls-collagen, Wohnen von Sinnen"

1987 Kunstmuseum Luzern, Nordmann/Manor artprice 

1987 Steirischer Herbst Graz, "Trigon 87"

1988 Syndikat Bonn, "differentiale"

1988 Galerie Pro(s)art, Luzern, "Standort"

1990 Galerie Margine, Zürich

1991 Swiss Institute New York, "suspended light" (with Juan Uslé)

1994 Berner Galerie, Bern

1995 Kunsthaus Glarus "a la recherche du temps present" 

1995 Kunstraum Kabinett, Bern

2017 Medienzentrum Bundeshaus, Bern

2017/18 Werkstatt, Bern



1882 Rothschild, sponsorship art, Geneva

1984 Eidg. scholarship applied arts, Bern

1987 Nordmann/Manor artprice, Luzern

1987 Schweizer Bankgesellschaft, artprice of annyversary 125 years UBS, Luzern

1995 scholarship county and city of Bern



1987/88 Kunnstmuseum Luzern

1995 County of Bern

1996 crédit suisse, Frankfurt

1996 Collection of Theo Jacob, Bern

2020 Collection of Marlies Kornfeld, Bern 

2020 Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson (through Olivier Mosset)

onwards since1986 Collection Pentman, Zürich and Lugano